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This demonstrates that it is a relatively trustworthy platform with stable assets. Plus, as part of its Account Protection Programme, gives users up to $250,000 in protection in case their accounts get compromised. As mentioned above, you can reduce these fees by staking CRO, but the discount you receive depends on how much you trade. At high volumes, it’s possible to lower your trading fees to 0%, which is why is also one of the best crypto-staking platforms. offers an easy-to-use mobile app available for iOS and Android devices in supported countries.

  • The fact that you may profit from cryptocurrency trading even if you have no prior knowledge is a major plus.
  • The app supports free crypto deposits, crypto-to-crypto trades, and free transfers to the Exchange and DeFi Wallet.
  • As soon as you log into your account for the first time, you’ll be confronted with a warning that you need to verify your identity before going further.
  • It’s important to point out that cryptocurrencies — even Bitcoin, the largest and most-established one — are a young asset class and are rather volatile.

The company is fully regulated and offers standard security measures to avoid exploitation. It’s good for both people who trade a lot and people who want to spend their cryptocurrencies like real money. OKX is a top platform and one of the biggest competitors in the market for crypto products and services.

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Trading capital, the amount spent every transaction, trading assets, the number of deals done, and other risk management methods are all elements that influence how much money you make. Crypto Genius’s ability to stay 0.01 seconds ahead of the retail market is due to its usage of innovative cloud-based technologies. As a result, traders may expect to win from more than 99 percent of all deals. VPS hosting is supported by Crypto Genius, making it possible for the programme to produce and execute lucrative signals 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It makes no difference how close a trader is to his gadget since the Crypto Genius conducts all of the deals for him and creates earnings.

Scalable- Cronos can process higher transactions per minute than many competing networks for lower cost, and eco-friendlier. The mainnet beta is live, and the chain pledges to be carbon negative by 2023. It is being designed to be a public good protocol that will aid in driving mass adoption, supporting use cases like payments, DeFi, and NFTs. Verify your phone number- A text will be sent to your mobile number with a code. Enter the verification code in the app screen that will pop up after the email code in step 1.

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It offers basic and advanced trading tools and access to DeFi protocols. The cost to buy and sell cryptocurrencies depends on the platform. Some charge a percentage of each transaction as a "markup." Others simply make their money on the spreads between a bid and ask price. Either way, the cost of trading is one of the main points to compare between the different brokers and exchanges. Adding cryptocurrency to your investment portfolio is becoming increasingly popular.

The best U.S. cryptocurrency exchange apps will let you trade, deposit, and withdraw your money at a minimal cost. Like most of the best cryptocurrency exchanges, the app makes it easy to convert fiat currencies into crypto. It accepts over 20 fiat currencies including USD, GBP, and EUR. And you won’t have to pay hefty fees, though depending on your country of residence, you may find you’re limited to certain fiat currencies once you register. If you hold a significant stake in CRO, the company rewards you with lower trading fees, higher staking interest rates, and higher credit card rewards.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges & Apps For May 2023 also serves as a wallet, so you can hold Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies there.’s rating on Trustpilot is "Poor" at 2.2/5 out of over 4,500 reviews. prime xbt review Still it bears mentioning that if you run into a problem that requires human intervention, it’s likely to be awhile before you get it resolved or even receive a response.

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When using live chat feature, a member of the support team typically gets back to me within 30 minutes to 3 hours. While was not my first exchange, they were my platform of choice when I decided to get serious and unbank myself, living solely off of crypto. This means that I reached out to their support team A LOT as I was flailing ungracefully, plunging deeper into the world of crypto. So, users of the platform can sleep soundly at night knowing that is one of the most secure platforms available. However, in full transparency, the platform did experience a pretty significant hack in early 2022 resulting in lost customer funds.

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Users can stake CRO and invest in Earn to earn passive income. Through the platform, they can also get access to liquidity pools and opportunities for yield farming on DeFi protocols. You can also use the "Fiat Wallet" option in the "Accounts" menu to apply for a fiat withdrawal. Select "Transfer," then "Withdraw," and finally, "USD." Then, click on the available balance and withdraw. Cronos is a utility token designed to facilitate transactions within’s financial ecosystem. It is native to the Cronos blockchain, an open-source, decentralized network created by

  • It didn’t help’s credibility that reports about the amount stolen kept changing as the exchange scrambled to figure out what was going on.
  • However, staking crypto could turn out to be risky as you are required to lock your cryptocurrencies for a certain period of time.
  • Please reach out to us via Live chat or at so we can look into the matter.
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  • is building on what Binance has done, aiming to create a more efficient crypto ecosystem to rival the likes of Binance and Ethereum.

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